Thursday, 4 January 2018

Rosella (Galda) health benefits

Rosella belongs to hibiscus family. It has lots of health benefits. Rosella can be taken as a vegetable, jam, juice or tea. In the northeastern states of India, it is very commonly used as a vegetable. It is a very healthy plant it contains lots of minerals and vitamins. It is sour in taste.

Top 7 (seven) Rosella health benefits

Improves immune system - It contains vitamin C that boosts the immune system and makes it easier to fight off nasty viruses and bacteria and that improves blood flow, heal wounds faster and regulates sugar levels.

Helps to stay fit -Roselle should be added daily to your diet.It also boosts your metabolism which and it burns more calories.

Helps to fight cancer -Vitamin C rich Roselle juice helps the body to fight cancer when it is combined with chemotherapy drugs.

Helps to breathe easier- It helps you to breathe better and significantly decreases bronchoconstriction or in another word narrowing of the airways.

Makes your children healthy- Take Roselle daily and improves the overall nerve function.

 Maintain healthy teeth and gums - It protects the teeth by keeping the jaw bone strong and sturdy. It ensures tight fitting teeth where the bacteria cannot thrive.

Prevents constipation - The laxative property, vitamins that helps relaxes the intestinal muscles which help to establish a smoother rhythm while passing bowels. 


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