Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Lemon Water before Bed

Lemon is a healthy fruit. It is very much good for our health. It is an antioxidant and has Vitamin C that helps the immune system to boost and good health. It also helps to get away from the flue and other health problems. Lemon does not contain sodium cholesterol and fats.  Lemon is good for health if you drink it before bed it will give a good night sleep and detoxify your toxins. It is essential nutrients for the body.

Benefits of drinking lemon water before bed

1) Burn Calories - To maintain good health drink a glass of warm lemon juice before bed seems like a brilliant idea. Warm lemon water burns calories instead of cold lemon water.

2) Improve immunity - Vitamin C plays an important role in increasing white blood cells it is a role -holder of the immune system. Increase the level of endurance of the body against the danger of bacteria that threaten.

3) Helps digestion - Warm lemon juice is excellent for melting fats and cholesterol, therefore, it is wasted through urine and sweat. It is useful for cleansing various disorders in the intestine such as fats.

4) Hydrates the body - Drink lemon juice before bedtime can reload for some of the lost fluids throughout the day. The heart will pump blood well when the body is well hydrated.

5) Strengthen the brain and reduce stress - Potassium contain in Lemon helps the brain and nerve functioning. Clear mind enhances the nerve and brain functioning as warm lemon juice gives a good sleep.

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