Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Glycerin benefits

You can include a glycerin as a basic night care moisturizer. It makes your skin soft and moistures. It is very inexpensive and easy steps to follow. It can be used as a natural night moisturizer when you are feeling lazy but still, you want to keep skin moisturizer. Most of the Indian women prefer glycerin as natural moisture in their skin instead of body lotion or body cream. Especially in winter when our skin is dry and makes your skin crack it is very effective. Although it is very sticky it is very effective for the skin. It can be used by kids, adults as well as senior citizens. It can be applied to all ages.

other markets available cosmetics are very expensive and it might harm your skin. They use a harmful chemical which might cause damage and irritation to your skin. Especially for very sensitive skin chemicals are harmful to the skin. Glycine is a simple ingredient and very effective.

You can also apply glycine in your lips as it helps to get rid of chapped and dry lips.
You could use glycine as a toner, cleanser, moisturizer, sunscreen, skin-lightening. 

How to apply-
Take a few drops of glycerine and also a few drops of water in order to reduce stickiness after applying to your skin. Just try this every night for one week and you will see the difference.

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