Monday, 22 January 2018

Benefits of Cabbage

Cabbage is a healthy Vegetable. Cabbage can make a wide variety of dishes such as soups, salads, slaws, and stews. Therefore, it can be eaten raw as well as cooked. Cabbage contains a powerful antioxidant and very low in calories.

Five benefits of Cabbage

1) Cabbage helps to lose weight - It is a very healthy vegetable and it is very good for those who want to lose weight. Cabbage contains a high water content that makes you feel full longer and prevents from getting hungry. Cabbage makes your stomach empty more slowly. It also hydrates your body.

2) Cabbage helps to Boost Heart Health - Cabbage helps to protect against the heart disease. It helps platelet buildup and reduces blood pressure due to high polyphenol content. It regulates blood pressure by working against the harmful effects of excess sodium in the body.

3) Cabbage Promotes Brain Health - As it is rich in Iodine it helps to improve brain functioning and helps the nervous system to function well. Iodine plays a key role in preventing and neurological disorders. Cabbage is good for the brain. Cabbage contains Vitamin K that helps protect nerves from damage and decay. Vitamin B to improve mental stamina and memory. Anthocyanins that improve the mental function and concentration.

4) Cabbage Improve digestion - Cabbage has a natural anti-inflammatory property. It prevents constipation and maintains a healthy digestive tract. It promotes a regular bowel movement.It is very healthy vegetables for good health. Include cabbage in your diet.

5) Cabbage keeps inflammation in check - Inflammation is caused due to many problems. Symptoms of health problems such as arthritis. Glutamine helps to reduce pain and inflammation. Vitamin C and E help to protect the body from pro-inflammatory molecules called cytokines.

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