Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Sea salt body scrub

Exfoliation is very much important in our daily life we should include exfoliation in our skincare routine. It exfoliates dead skin cell from our skin and gives you a smoother appearance. It is one of the best skin treatment it could result in super soft and clean skin. Regularly exfoliation will give you an effective result where it will help to boost the blood circulation and also as it removes all the barriers i.e, dead skin cells from your body.

Benefits of exfoliation which will slow the skin ages, wrinkles, pigmentation and remove pimple marks and scars.

Sea salt
Coconut oil
Coconut milk
Rice water

Sea salt which is one of the most natural ingredients that stimulate cell growth and draw out toxins from the skin which helps to open the pores and improve blood circulation. Sea salt which is an extract from the ocean and it has a rich numerous mineral and natural relaxing and soothing properties.

Coconut oil which has lots and lots of skin, hair, teeth and any other health benefits. It is an effective moisturizer to the skin it is used in many cosmetics such as shampoos, cream, scrub, etc. It is used from ancient times as a beauty product. Coconut milk has a high level of Vitamin C which maintain flexibility and elasticity of the skin.

Rice water also has several benefits for our health and beauty. It helps to smooth and bright the skin. It promotes cell growth and to stimulate the blood circulation. It brightens the skin.

Take one cup of sea salt in a bowl and add two spoons of coconut oil, three spoons of coconut milk and 4-5 spoons of rice water. Mix the ingredients well. 

How to Apply
First, take a towel and dap a towel in a warm water and rub your skin. Then scope the sea salt scrub with your fingers and scrub your skin in a circular motion for a few seconds. Rinse it off.
For more effective result you need to to do this at least once a week.


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