Saturday, 11 November 2017

Home remedy to grow your beard faster and thicker

Every man wishes or desires to have a thick and long bread as soon as they reach a teenager. It may be because they want to look more mature and handsome. Every man wants an opportunity to show off a long, luxurious and precious beard to give them a manly look. In fact, the beard is the pride and joy for every man.

It may be due some facts or reason that some man is not blessed to have a smooth and long beard. Like the hair on your head beard also required a caring.

Some of the factors why there is a barrier to the growth of mustaches are hormones, genetics, ethnicity, health issues, medication, etc.

Steps and remedies to have long beard are as follows-

1) Proper sleep and rest:- Sleeping is one of the ways to rest. In sleeping each and every part of our body rest, therefore, it is very required where it helps the stress under control.Where 7-8 hours of sleep is required where it generates and promotes the facial hair growth.

2) Handle/Manage stress:- It is very much important to manage your stress because overreacting to stress it will also affect your hair growth. Where stress constricts blood vessels, causing fewer nutrients to reach to your hair roots. There are ways to get away from stress such as Yoga, meditation, etc.

3) Massage your face:- Massaging improves the blood circulation and it helps the nutrients to reach the hair follicles so that your hair grows faster and thicker. Which will result in a fuller and more developed beard. Therefore regular massage is very much important. In market special oil for mustard is available. Oil such as Coconut oil, Amla oil works as well.

4) Trim your beard:- This is one of the most important steps for growing your beard. Trimming your beard will help your beard to be cleaner and germ-free. Trimming your beard every day will help your beard to grow faster.

5) Scrubbing:- Scrubbing helps to get away dead skin cells from your face and helps to regain new hair. Exfoliating once a week is important for beard growth.

6) Increase a protein-rich diet:- Protein food such as egg, meat, nuts, and fish. It will help your beard growth. Vitamins A, B, C, and E speed up the hair growth process.


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