Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Baking soda for teeth

Baking soda which is commonly known as Sodium Carbonate. Baking soda is very common ingredients for cooking, baking, cleaning, etc. Baking soda is a very inexpensive ingredient which is easily available at home.It is also easily available in the market.  As the color of baking soda is white, it will clean your teeth well and give you a very clean and shiny teeth. It gives a very effective result in cleaning and removes a bad smell from your mouth.It prevents the itchiness and irritation of gums.

Baking soda helps in lowering the populations of bad bugs in the mouth. It is an effective support tool to reduce periodontal pathogens.With the help of baking soda, it supports a more alkaline oral pH. pH that encourages the probiotic populations that help us live healthy, vital lives.

Ingredients required
Water and baking soda

How to apply
Take two spoon of baking soda and a few drops of water then brush your teeth gently. After this process brush your teeth with toothpaste as usual. You can do this once or twice a month.

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