Saturday, 1 October 2016

Hot oil manicure

Hot oil manicure is one of the best ever home manicures to keep your nails clean and healthy. This is one best way to show love to your nails with the most expensive and most luxurious treatments that you will ever get. This will help you to nourish and cuticles yours nails in the best way to get away from all the different kinds problems and damages to your nails. Hot oil manicure is mostly found inexpensive spas and it is one of the most difficult ways of treatment for the nails. But, doesn’t worry this hot oil manicure can be done home smartly.

Things you required-

1) Vitamin E oil/capsules
2) Olive oil
3) Sunflower oil
4) Castor oil
5) Tea tree oil
6) Coconut oil
7) Almond oil


Mix all the oil and warm it for 30 minutes and add warm water to it and mix it very well and soak your hand for 10-15 minutes and massage it gently till you feel relax and clean.Once it done wipe out the water with a clean towel and put some moisturizer on your hand and finally, your hot oil manicure is done. Repeat the steps at least twice a week before going to bed.

Why get hot oil manicure?

Hot oil manicure will help your nails to grow strong and it provides all the benefits required to your nails and fingers, after all, the hard works and touches they deserve all the relaxation and massage to your hands, fingers and nails.Keeping clean to your nails and fingers is very much important as you eat all foods with the help of your fingers. So, therefore keep clean and healthy to fingers by getting hot oil manicure at least twice a day!

Benefits of hot oil manicure

1) Hot oil manicure prevents your nails from aging too fast.
2) It improves the blood circulation and most importantly it improves the skin of your health.
3) It takes care of your skin problem.
4) It exfoliates and cleanses your nails.
5) They easily remove hangnails.
6) Hot oil manicure helps to grow your nails faster and stronger.
7) It improves your flexibility of your wrists and hands.


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