Sunday, 9 October 2016

Home remedies for swollen legs

Swollen legs may occur due to different reasons like the unusual habit of traveling, standing or sitting for long periods of time, pregnancy, aging, nutritional deficiency, premenstrual syndrome,overweight, poor blood circulation and lack of physical exercise. Mostly people who have a heart problem, diabetes, pregnant women, kidney or liver diseases mostly suffer from swollen legs.Swollen legs cause discomfort and difficult to walk or stand. A symptom includes pain, redness in feet and inflammation. Follow these simple steps to get rid of swollen legs with the help of natural home remedies.

Six natural home remedies for swollen legs-

1) Soak your legs in water- This is one of the most effective natural home remedies as it helps in inflammation, blood circulation, and swelling.
Process- Take two big containers and fill one container with cold and another with warm water. First, soak your legs in warm water for 5minutes minutes and put your legs immediately in cold water for 2 minutes. Repeat this alternating for 15-20 minutes till you get relief.

2) Massage- It is one of the best natural ways to get rid of swollen legs. Massage helps your helps to relax your muscles and also improves blood circulation. Massaging helps to improve swollen legs.
Process- Take olive oil or mustard oil and warm it for 5 3-4 minutes and massage it upward and downward direction.

3) Salt scrub - Salt work wonder for swollen legs and also helps to prevent pain and discomfort.Salt easily absorb through the skin and helps improve circulation and reduce swelling. It helps to relax your sore, tired muscles and even helps neutralize foot odor.
Process- Take a container and take a warm water and soak it as well as scrub your heel and foot with the salt. Repeat it for 5 minutes and soak it in water for 10 minutes and repeat the process for 3 times a week.

4) Ginger- Ginger one of the most famous natural vegetables and it helps to treat swollen legs. The anti-inflammation property present in ginger helps to get rid of swollen legs.
Process-Massage your legs with ginger oil or ginger paste for 5 minutes daily. Or drink ginger tea or chew ginger at least two times a day.

5) Lemon water- Lemon water helps to flush out the excess toxins and fluids as it will help to reduce the swollen legs and also helps to hydrate your legs. It provides anti-inflammatory benefits.
Process- Take lemon juice and mix it with warm water and also you can add honey for better taste. Drink lemon water for three times a week.

6) Apple cider vinegar- This one of the most natural home remedies. It helps to reduce swollen legs as it has a high potassium which will reduce retention, a common cause of swelling in the feet.
Process- Mix apple cider vinegar and water and soak it for 10 minutes daily before going to bed.


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