Thursday, 29 September 2016

Home remedies get natural black hair

To get natural black hair, why to use chemical products to make your hair black while all the natural ingredients are available at home. Hair is one of the beloved things for each and every person every one of us loves our own hair. Natural ingredient work wonders to your hair and it is really helpful to get a natural black hair. The natural color of Indian hair is black. But with age and due to other related problems our hair changes color. Most of the people are fond of the thick black hair. The best way of getting thick and black hair will be to restore the natural solutions. Due to lots of pollution, the hair color is changing and facing all the different kinds of hair problem.

Natural ingredients to get natural black hair color

1) Amla- It is also known as Indian Gooseberry is one of the most effective ingredients for getting natural black hair. Amla is a rich source of anti-oxidants and Vitamin C. Amla makes your hair black, shiny and glowing. As you heard about the positive effects of Amla on millions of people. It is a wonderful solution to make your hair black if you wash your hair with this solution daily.
How to use- Just boil the amla with the water for 10-15 minutes and apply the juice after boiling but make sure you left it to cool down.Or you have to take water and put two tablespoons of Amla powder in it.Leave for 30 minutes and wash it off. Apply this twice a week.

2) Orange juice- It is also very effective to get healthy and thick hair.It also helps to cure dandruff and oily condition. Oranges also have Vitamin A, which, along with Vitamin C, helps reverse sun damage, protecting your hair from different kinds of hair problem. Its toning properties improve your hair texture and color. It helps to condition the hair and cleanse the scalp.
How to use- Just pour orange juice over your hair and massage it for 5 minutes and leave for 20 minutes and rinse it off with regular shampoo.

3) Onion juice- Onion also has a wonderful effect of treating your hair problem naturally. Onion juice has as an ingredient known as sulfur. Sulfur is a mineral which is one component in hair. It helps in blood circulation and therefore it get all the nourishment that is acquired to your hair. Onion juice fights against germs and bacteria that cause the problem to our hair.
How to use- Make onion juice by blending the onions and take out the juice with the help of a piece of cloth and as the same process pour the juice to your hair and massage it for 5-7 minutes and rinse it off.

4) Black tea- It is one of the most widely consume tea. Black tea is consumed for digestion, skincare, hair care and different kind of health problems.The caffeine present in black tea helps in decreasing DHT (Dihydrotestosterone), a hormone found in the scalp that causes hair loss. Therefore it helps in increasing the hair thickness and lowering the hair loss. Black tea acts as a natural dyeing agent and is suitable for women who have dark black or brown hair and want to get rid of gray hair or fading hair dyes. It darkens your hair besides adding shine and bringing out natural highlights.
How to use- Make tea as usual but do not add sugar to it and just apply this tea to your hair and-and leave for 20-25 minutes and wash it off.

5) Carrot juice- This one of the most common vegetable as it one of the most health benefited vegetable.Carrot juice work wonders to your hair to get natural hair color.Carrots can be consumed as well as applied. Drinking carrot juice will be much more effective than applying it over your scalp. After consuming it for a month you can see a visible difference in your hair. You need to drink a glass full of carrot juice every day in the morning to get away from all kind of hair problem.


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