Monday, 26 September 2016

Common mistakes that will stop your hair growth

Hair is one of the most beautiful things, so proper caring is very much important for your hair. If proper caring is not made to your hair it will result to damage, split ends, hair fall, and frizzy hair. Using chemical products and not using the products in a right way can lead your hair damage.

1) Not brushing/combing before washing- When your hair is wet it is weak and wet hair is more prone to tangling. You should not comb or brush your hair when it wet. Comb it before washing or while taking a shower. Brushing wet hair stretches your strands and causes breakage.

2) Over-washing- Cleanliness of hair is good in order to get hygienic hair. Over washing your hair with shampoo may result from your hair to dry out. It is the habit of every girl to wash your hair every day to make different hairstyles and look fresh.

3) Washing hair mistakes- Wash your hair with warm water is a normal habit adopted by most women. Hot water dries up the hair and scalp. Use lukewarm water that will help to open the cuticles and increase the effect of the shampoo to cleanse the hair.By using cold water to wash your hair it will help to close the hair cuticle and help to lock the moisture.

4) Applying conditioner on the scalp- The biggest mistakes which girls make is applying conditioner on the scalp. Apply conditioner only to the ends of your hair to keep it hydrated and protected against potential damage.

5) Tying wet hair- The major cause of hair damage begins when you tie your wet/ semi-dry hair. The major hair problems like hair loss, hair thinning and in extreme cases, baldness. In addition, it can lead to dandruff problems, lice and scalp infections.

6) Skipping heat protection- Heating your hair for different hair style is one of the most damaging elements.After heating your hair it is very much important to take care of your hair.

7) Using a hot iron on wet hair-Hot iron and wet hair is a really bad combination. If you are making the mistake of straightening or curling your hair on wet hair, then please stop right away! Hair should be completely dry before heat styling, period.

8) Using wrong size brush- Synthetic, plastic and metal brushes increase breakage and weaken your hair as they are not porous as natural brushes. Using a boar bristle brushes which are considered the best for getting shinier, healthier, stronger and smoother hair.


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