Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Top 10 Home remedies to gain weight

These days people are mostly suffering from obesity or weight loss and gaining healthy weight is a gradual process. How to put on weight is equally difficult as losing weight. It requires a lot of dedication during your weight in weight gain. The natural home remedies may help you to gain weight and get away from skinny or under weight problems.
Some common cause of being underweight maybe skipping meals, emotional stress, lack of sleep, fasting,malnutrition, diabetes, weak digestive system, excessive physical activity, genetic factors, fatigue,hormonal imbalance and other symptoms of continual weight loss.

Banana is an instant energy booster as they are packed with ample calories. Eat at least two bananas as or in your breakfast along with the glass of warm milk. Hence, therefore you can consume banana to put or to gain weight. 

Potatoes is full of carbohydrates and in gaining weight being loaded with carbohydrates like potatoes may help you to add extra kilos to your body. Grilles, baked potatoes, boil potatoes or eat french fries at least twice a week. You can combine it with buttermilk, mayonnaise and veggies.

Calories, fat,mineral, protein and vitamin are all found in eggs it is a complete package that makes an excellent food for underweight. The white part of an egg can be eaten thrice a day, it helps to build body muscles and energizers immensely. Omelets and scrambled eggs can include every day in your breakfast.

Beans is rich in carbohydrates, protein and fiber to gain weight. A variety of beans or different kinds of beans are available like soy beans, Lima beans, black beans, red beans, kidney beans, lentils, etc. Eating fresh beans as a salad or bean soup daily for at least 2 months will help you to gain weight.

Mango is the another good fruit for weight gain. Mangoes are rich source of vitamins and minerals, but low in calories. Prepare a mango milkshake and take it twice a day for one month and you will get a positive results for sure. And if are eating mango take a glass of milk after eating mango.

Yogurt increases your body weight as it a rich source of protein. Take a bowl of yogurt daily by adding sugar to it on a daily basis.

7)Noodles and pasta
Noodles and pasta one of the easiest way to cook in which these contain an ample carbohydrates and fats that fill your body with essential minerals, protein and nutrients.Therefore, it increases your daily calories count.

8)Health oils
Healthy oils with Omega 3 that is fatty acids and provide a natural calorie to gain weight. Eating healthy oils every day will help you to change your weight. Use olive oil, fish oil, canola oil.

Cheese is one of the most healthy quality protein that may help you in gaining in weight. It is rich in protein, fats and calcium and also it tastes delicious and will give you enough calories to your body. It takes time to digest and as a result it gains weight. For best eat it before going to bed.

10)Fresh juice
Taking fresh juice daily as diet will help you to add a weight to your body. But make sure that you choose a rich calories fruits that will help you to get effective result.


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