Thursday, 25 August 2016

How to grow nails fast

Most of the girls wants to grow their nails fast and strong. Healthy nails reflect the overall health and it adds beauty to your hands. Nails are made up of protein and fingernails grow faster than toenails. Having long and healthy nails is something that every women wants.However, some people home remedies can help us improve the growth of nails. Slow or poor nail growth can be accompanied by breakage, brittle nails, splitting and other nail problems. Some factors in life can contribute to slow growth of nails including lack of medications, nutrients,health problems or hormonal changes in the body.

Some natural home remedies may help you to grow nails naturally. 

For nails garlic is also known as one of the home remedies for nails growth. It protects the nails against infection due to its anti-fungal and antibacterial properties but not stimulates the nails grow and it also a good one for the nail health and beauty. It is one the famous natural ingredients to help nails grow. 
How to use- 
Cut a garlic clove and make a paste, then rub them on nails and apply it for 5 minutes. Use this remedies for a week and you will get a good result. 

Lemon the natural home remedies for nail growth as it contains vitamin C and it also brightens and get rid of yellow nail and provide a good shine for nails. Raw lemon juice is the ultimate treatment for all types of hair, skin problems. It also treats chipping, dryness and peeling of nails i.e, caused by nail polish removers. 
How to use- 
Squash out the fresh lemon juice and mix it with warm water dip your nails in a warm water and leave it for 10 minutes and rinse it off with warm water. Follow this method for 2 to 3 times a week for 1 month. But make sure that you do not apply lemon slice on hangnails or cut because it causes sting. 

Tomatoes another best source of nail-strengthening vitamin A and C, as it is a natural form of b7 (also called as Biotin) which is essential for healthy skin, hair and of course nails. It makes a nail shiny and thick. 
How to use- 
Take a juice of tomato and add little oil to it and then soak it for 10 minutes, do this everyday if possible for best result. 

Coconut oil 
Coconut contains essential nutrients and may keep your nails strong and moisturized. It works well for healthy growth of nails. It is also one of the common ingredients for hair, skin and nails, as it improves your cuticles and even heal effectively to your fungal nails, it plays a key role in nail growth. 
How to use- 
Take a warm coconut oil at night and then massage it daily before going to bed, massage it in a circulation as it will improve your blood circulation. 

Apple cider vinegar 
Apple cider vinegar is one the most used ingredient in DIY skin and hair care remedies. AVC is a very useful and inexpensive nails treatment that is readily available in all the kitchens. It is loaded with calcium, iron,potassium and magnesium along with vitamins for essential growth in nails. 
How to use- 
Take a bowl of water and add ACV to it and soak it for 10-20 minutes. Do this 3 times a week for best result. 

Three tips to prevent nails 

a) Nail biting 
It is one the bad habits the many girls have, that gives a really bad effect to the growth and the health of the nails. If you not stop biting your nails it will always be acrylic ones, that means you are destroying your nails without interruption of external factors. The tips to it is to make yourself busy and focusing on your work and one technic is to apply lipstick, to prevent from biting your nails as you might ruin your lipstick. 

b) Nail trimming 
Trimming your nails will promote the growth and will get chosen shape and it is also one of the home remedies for nail growth. Trim your hair corner once a week to get a good shape. 

c) Nail Paints 
It is a very essential and necessary thing for the girl. Nail paints also help you to grow your nails strong and healthy to avoid toluene, sulphonamide and formaldehyde.


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